Monday, April 26, 2010

Universitatea Craiova - Unirea Urziceni 1-4

For every fan of Universitatea Craiova it was a crazy game. Universitatea had in the field a children "invasion", while Unirea Urziceni allowed to keep on the bench people who scored in Champions League.
The only ones who seemed to care about this were Craiova's players, who started the game with a lot of enthusiasm. This did not last to long because at the first goal phase, the champions opened the score. Maftei centered and Bilaşco, alone in the penalty area, scored by a head strike. It was the 8th minute of the game and everything seemed to be lost for Oltenia.
Six minutes later Firţulescu had a big chance to chang this game's result. Piturca was excellent and passed to this midfielder, but he targeted from 12 meters the oposite goalkeeper. Guests have understood the warning and focused more on defensive. They closed all the spaces toward Grigore's goal and nothing important happened until breaktime.
After the break, Mark Wotte forced the attack and he changed Paunovic for Mihai Costea. But Ron Levy made decisive moves. All his 3 reserves scored in this game. Rusescu ('71), Pădureţu ('81) and Semedo (88) ruined holiday in Severin. Craiova inserted a goal between the first two goals of Urziceni, but the great success of Gângioveanu ('75), has not mattered until artistic impression.
Our team: Merlier - Buleică, V. Găman, R. Barbu, Bălace - Prepeliţă, Bărboianu, Paunovici ('46 M. Costea), Firţulescu ('58 Gangioveanu) - Piţurcă jr. ('68 Craciun), Dina

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