Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rapid Bucharest - Universitatea Craiova 0-1

With Florin Costea on a hospital bed, Universitatea Craiova went last night in Bucharest looking for some points which are very useful for the end of this football season. With a new system Craiova, 4-4-2, and with Ologu, a 20 years old kid, as a substitute for Florin Costea, Mark Wotte placed Prepelita and Dilevski as central midfielders.
Rapid scored in the first phase of the game, but their goal was canceled for an offside. Craiova had a shot of Dina (16') and the younger brother of Florin Costea, Mihai, missed a simple retrieval alone with Bornescu (19'). Mircea Bornescu, former goal-keeper of Universitatea Craiova in the last 4 years, is playing now for Rapid Bucharest.
After the break, Wotte realized that Sapunaru from Rapid, ex-FC Porto, is not so scary and took himself the risk to get out a midfielder, Ologu, and put a striker on, Alex Piţurcă. Although the hosts took over the game and they were dangerous for Silviu Lung's goal. Herea ('46) and Răduţa twice ('49, '57) did not beat Lung in good situations.

The end was played sharply, Dina had a bar on Bornescu's goal('70). At the other goal, Herea monumental missed one shoot, all alone with Lung('77), then Răduţa two meters from the goal ('78). In the last seconds of the game, Gangioveanu ('90+2) did a great shot in cross and that was the only valid goal of this game.
Some players from Craiova get an yellow card in this game, and Prepelita, Lung and Dina will miss for the next match, against Timisoara.
Our team: Lung - Bărboianu, V. Găman, Iliev, Bălace - Prepeliţă, Dilevski, Ologu ('46 A. Piturca), Gângioveanu - Dina ('70 Trica), M. Costea ('81 Firtulescu)

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