Sunday, March 21, 2010

Universitatea Craiova - Politehnica Iasi 2-1

A new great game played by Universitatea Craiova, a team who is looking for entertaining every day. This game was very nice to look at. It was very entertaining and Craiova really made a good match. In the 44th minute of the game, Florin Costea get injured by the goalkeeper of the opponent team.
He was replaced by Alex Piturca. Let's hope it is not something serious for the most important player of Universitatea Craiova. In the 62nd minute of the game, Vali Iliev, a new Bulgarian football player transfered by Craiova in this winter, scored for 1-0 and everything was just perfect for our team. Unfortunately in the 85th minute of the game Politehnica Iasi scored for a draw and Universitatea Craiova saw for a while the incredible situation to play in the second league next year.
That was only for 4 minutes, until Prepelita, the captain of Universitatea Craiova, scored again by a really nice head strike and Craiova came back to life again. I think I almost made a heart attack at that goal... 3 more points in the table and Universitatea can hope again.
Our team: S. Lung jr. – Bărboianu, V. Găman, Iliev, Bălace – Prepeliţă, Dilevski, Gîngioveanu ('69 Barbu) - Dina ('79 Trica) - M. Costea, Fl. Costea ('44 A. Piturca)

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