Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Court Of Appeal Decision

Court of Appeal decided: FRF (Romanian Football Federation) is a national sport structure that means this institution is an object of public interest.

Universitatea Craiova asked the Court of Appeal, in the administrative section, to void the decision from 20th of July of FRF's Executive Committee regarding the excluding of the club from any competition. Today Craiova get a historic victory in the sense the court rejected the exception sustained by FRF as their acts would be administrative and therefore the Romanian Football Federation would not be public.

As a consequence FRF must obey the law of the state and can not be treated as a inner state. This is a very big step toward obtaining full compensation for all the 39 football players our team lost last summer. The total amount was estimated at € 250 million.


Daniel Botea said...


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Che Guevara said...

As vrea sa vin. Din pacate nu mai locuiesc in Craiova. Poate daca faceti unul la vara,cu cea mai mare placere :)

Anonymous said...

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