Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FIFA Disposition Ignored By FRF

Although Mircea Sandu, Dumitru Dragomir and their staff knew about FIFA disposition they hid this fact both clubs and members of the Executive Committee.

FIFA specifically asked that the provisions of art. 9.2 and 18.2 of the FRF (Romanian Football Federation) Statute related about expulsion of a club to be removed because they are illegal and contrary to FIFA statutes. The General Association is the only organism which may exclude a member. This FIFA request was formulated in January 2011. After six months Universitatea Craiova was excluded by FRF's Executive Comitee.

The essay is signed by FIFA and FIFA's legal director Marco Villiger.


Hagibest said...

How can they just ignore FIFA?! Won't FIFA step in somehow? These stupid corrupt FRF people piss me off so much, it's almost been a year, I want the club back..

Che Guevara said...

They just don't care.