Thursday, December 01, 2011

2002 - History Files

Universitatea Craiova was a great team in Romania. There were a lot memorable games, but this is one of the most important of them. On 1st of September 2002, Stiinta met Steaua Bucharest on Ion Oblemenco stadium in Craiova. It was a 40.000 viewers assistance at this game. And this for a stadium with 28.500 sitting places only .

Craiova had a big show in the field and in the stadium too. I hope you will like the video.
The teams:
Universitatea Craiova: Agachi - Vochin, Papura, Rada - Miclea, Sava, Badea, Stanga, Ciocoi - Lutu (Vladoiu), Verdes
Steaua Bucharest: M.Tudor - Fl.Dumitru, Panc, M.Radoi, Miu - Aliuta, Bostina, Paraschiv, Neaga - C.Raducanu, Oprita

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