Thursday, November 17, 2011

Romanian Football's Mafia In Court

The head of Professional Football League (LPF), Dumitru Dragomir, was heard again by DNA's prosecutors concerning FC Universitatea Craiova expulsion case.

Unlike two weeks ago, when Dragomir created a circus in front of the DNA institution, today, LPF's boss was confined to declare that "It is my business what I said to the prosecutors". He will soon get in prison.

Mircea Sandu, president of Romanian Football Federation (FRF), is accused of bribery and Dragomir of complicity. Dragomir transferred 400.000 €, representing TV broadcasting rights of Gloria Bistrita, into an account of Mircea Sandu's wife, Elisabeta. Dragomir's official motivation was that Sandu's wife had loaned the football club Gloria Bistrita the same amount. In respect with this loan an affidavit was prepared, but there is no bank transaction showing that the loan was indeed granted.

That is why, investigators suspect that, in fact, Elisabeta Sandu did not ever gave Gloria Bistrita money and the transfer was, as a matter of fact, bribes for FRF's President.

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