Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Zealand - World Champions

New Zealand won in Auckland against France with 8-7, becoming after 24 years, along with Australia and South Africa, the World's third team to win the "Web Ellis" trophy twice. This final was the tightest in the history of World Cup. The winner was established for the first time by only one point.

1987 and 2011 are two years which remain in New Zealand history. Two world titles and a dream come true. Four million people celebrated this win and went out to the streets, in a move unprecedented in the country in the Southern hemisphere.

Always favorite to win the world title, but stopped on the way to the trophy, in the semifinals or quarterfinals, New Zealand has succeeded this time a perfect journey. Even if the final shake up in the last minute with the French back in the game at 0-8, "All Blacks" have kept lucidity, defended well and were blocked at the table 8-7.

The final whistle sparked party, 300,000 people went out on the streets of Auckland to celebrate the victory. Fireworks, confetti, singing and clapping, dancing and joy. The streets of the country's economic capital were blocked by a crowd dressed in black shirt embroidered with fern's leaf, which is poured over all and sing the famous encouragement "Go All Blacks, Go." Faces painted in black and white, obsessive cries name players miniature Cup and children gathered in each frame.

Spending the night extended, while the players were lost in the crowd giving autographs, hand tighten, thanks fall, and over all presenting the shining "Webb Ellis" trophy. Residents of the two islands have emerged in public places in an unprecedented mass movement by now.

New Zealand celebrated its heroes and the fulfillment of a dream. Country where rugby is a religion was rewarded for waiting so long. Graham Henry's team presented the trophy in all major cities: Auckland followed by Christchurch and Wellington.

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