Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pandurii Tg Jiu - Universitatea Craiova 3-1

Universitatea Craiova met Pandurii Tg Jiu in the 7th day of Romanian Football Championship. It was a really strange match. There were a lot of Craiova's fans waiting for our team to win this game. Actually Universitatea could win 3 days before the game because of some Profesional Football League decisions. But the players and almost all Universitatea Craiova's supporters wanted the game to play, not to be gained in the offices.
Targu Jiu si part of Oltenia, a region of Romania whose capital Craiova used to be. There is no doubt that Craiova has a lot of fans in Tg Jiu. Actually Universitatea has more supporters than the local team in this city. That is why nobody could even imagine this game could be lost. Unfortunately, the worst predictions turned into reality: Universitatea Craiova lost this game in a categoric manner. In the first minute of the match it was already 1-0 for Pandurii and they continued to score until 3-0 in the 53rd minute of the game. In the end of the game (88th minute), our favorite team scored after a head strike of Valentin Iliev who received a good pass from Gargorov. Let's hope for more in the next match against Rapid Bucharest, next Friday.
Our team: Lung - Dănănae, Găman, Iliev, Ciucă('56 Firtulescu) - Stoica ('66 Gargorov) - Wobay, Prepeliţă, Dilevski ('29 Dina), M. Costea - Al.Piţurcă

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