Friday, September 10, 2010

Craiova refused to win without play

Next game of Universitatea Craiova will be against Pandurii Targu Jiu. There were some problems before this match, because of the team from Targu Jiu. They sold Ilie Iordache, a former football player of this team, in Greece. But the player was co-owned with Dinamo Bucharest. Dinamo Bucharest asked their share in this transaction and because Targu Jiu could not pay the money, their team was excluded from Romanian Football Championship. Because of this Universitatea Craiova could register a victory with 3-0 in the official statistics.
Taking in consideration all the facts, Universitatea Craiova's fans refused to win without fight. 99% of them did not agree with such a victory without honor. "We better lose playing the game", was fan's opinion. This is the spirit of Universitatea Craiova. Our team won Romanian Championship only 4 times since 1948, but they fought hard and really deserved to win them. 
After all those replays and after such a big fan support, Pandurii Targu Jiu found a way to get an agreement with Dinamo Bucharest. As initially, the game will be played next Monday at 20:00 local time. Good luck, Craiova!
On the other hand, Universitatea Craiova is still in contract for sports wear with German provider Adidas. This well known sport wear and sport shoes producer, has already 4 years of good partnership with our team. It is good to mention that Universitatea Craiova had all of this team important performances wearing Adidas products.

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