Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pandurii Tg Jiu - Universitatea Craiova 2-0

Another lost game. Universitatea Craiova lost the game against Pandurii Tg Jiu and now is on the 12th place on the table. That is almost a tragedy because our team used to win the games played in Tg Jiu. This result is worst than in last years.The trainer Florin Cioroianu presented his resigantion. But the board of Universitatea Craiova refused to aprove it. The new general manager of our team is Ilie Balaci. 4 players were sent to the second team (Stoica, Saceanu, Dina, Gargalie) and other 2 were 10,000 $ imposed (Baird, Bornescu). In this game Universitatea Craiova used the following team:
Bornescu – Dananae, Ciuca, Mitchell, Rose – Prepelita (’78 Wobay), Gargalie, Velcovici – Costea I, Baird, Dina (’68 Saceanu).

In the next game against Unirea Urziceni we can not use Stoica, Dina, Saceanu, Gargalie (sent to the second team), Michael Baird (red carded in Tg Jiu), Tanasa and Bornescu (medical problems). Our technical stuff need to find young players who replace them.

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