Monday, December 18, 2006

Julius Gibrilla Wobay signed for Craiova

Universitatea bought, for $450.000, 22 years old midfield from Sierra Leone, from NEA Salamina-Cyprus team.

Wobay is a left foot player, has a rare explosion, is very technique and quick too. I am sure he will be one from the first three players from Romanian First Football League. He will conquer Universitatea Craiova's fans from the first friendly games.
Ştefan Stoica

The first player brought by Universitatea Craiova in this winter comes from Sierra Leone via Cyprus. His name is Julius Gibrilla Woobay and he plays for Sierra Leone National Football Team. He was born on May 19th 1984 and plays as an offensive midfield, a kind of second striker. The price of this player was $450.000 and this is the most expansive transfer made by Universitatea Craiova. This amount is bigger than any other sum payed for  Radu Niculescu, Adrian Toader, Daniel Chirita or Cristian Chivu. Wobay signed for 4 years and a half and he will came in Craiova this Wednesday.

Olympiakos Pireu was also interested in bringing Wobay

More Cyprus teams were interested to buy Wobay. One of them was Omonia Nicosia, the team which has Romanian Ioan Andone as a trainer, but also the champions of Greece, Olympiakos Pireu, wanted him. "Our luck was the fact that Olympiakos Pireu already had too much foreign player in their team, so we succeded to bring Wobay at Craiova", said Fane Stoica. Last spring, Vitoria Guimaraes wanted to buy Wobay, but in the last the deal wasn't made. In the last season, Wobay was the second in the goal scorers table from Cyprus championship. He did 12 goals last year and 4 goals in this season. The most famous football player from Sierra Leone was the former player of Inter Milano and AS Monaco, Mohammed Kallon.

«I barely wait to beat Dinamo and Steaua!»

Wobay weared already Universitatea Craiova T-shirt and he will officially play this spring.

Reporter: Are you happy you signed for Universitatea Craiova?
Julius Gibrilla Wobay: I am very happy I arrived at Universitatea, I've heard it is a good team. I don't now much about this team but I learn quick and I will know more until the meeting with my new colleagues.

How do you see your future at Craiova?
First of all I hope to be chosen to play in the first team, I hope to gather as much as possible points is possible and I barely wait to beat Dinamo and Steaua, because I did understood is a big competition between these teams.

What do you say to the fans?
I wish them Merry Christmas and all the best. I promise I will do all my best for Universitatea Craiova and I hope to realise high performances shortly.

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