Saturday, December 02, 2006

FC Vaslui - Universitatea Craiova 3-3

The goals of Universitatea Craiova were scored by A. Ionescu, Fl. Parvu and G. Velcovici. This was an heart attack game. Fc Vaslui had a penalty kick in the 5th minute of the game. Croitoru tried to score but Mircea Bornescu, Universitatea's goalkeeper caught the ball. More than this Andrei Ionescu scored by a beautiful shoot form 25 metres and Craiova had 1-0. In the second half Lucian Parvu scored again for Craiova and the score became 2-0. Fc Vaslui reduced the difference at 2-1, but Gabriel Velcovici scored again for Craiova. It was the 82nd minute of the game and Craiova had 3-1. In the last 10 minutes of this game FC Vaslui scored twice and the final result was 3-3. Universitatea Craiova won only a point in this game even they deserved to came home with all the 3 points from Vaslui.

Andrei Ionescu scores for 1-0

Lucian Parvu scores for 2-0

Gabriel Velcovici scores for 3-1

Unfortunately, a football game has 90 minutes and an extra time.

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