Thursday, September 08, 2011

Romania - France 0-0

Romania met France in a game for Euro 2012 - Poland & Ukraine qualifications. This is all. :) No, not really. Because there were no goals scored in this game but, at least, Romania has gossip. A lot of rumors showed up thanks of this event.

First of all let's see the game. It was not spectacular. Nothing extraordinary happened. Just a boring football game without goals and without anything else. France had 74,5% ball possession , Romania had the ball 13 minutes from 90. There were 51 minutes of effective game, actually.

This was the first game played on a new Romanian stadium. The name of it: National Arena. It was played in front of an audience of 55.000 people. The well known Romanian pop singer INNA, had a mini concert at the begining.

After this, Marcel Pavel, a great voice of Bucharest, sang Romanian National Anthem. Actually he did it bad and he get a fine of 1.500 Euro because of missing the song. This may happen... but FRF - Romanian Football Federation get the same fine for hiring the wrong person to sing the anthem.

A great stadium, which costed 250 million Euro, but a very bad football field. The grass carpet was totally damaged after 90 minutes of using it. It must be recovered until September the 14th when Steaua Bucharest wants to play a game in Europa League on the same stadium. The cost of reparation is 360.000 Euro.

The teams:
Romania: Tatarusanu - Luchin, Goian, Chiriches, Rat - Nicoita, Cocis, Bourceanu, C. Lazar ('43 B. Stancu), Tanase - Marica ('88 G.Bucur)
France: Lloris - Evra, Abidal, Rami, Sagna - Martin, Cabaye ('75 Nasri), M'Villa - Ribery, Benzema, Valbuena ('71 Remy)

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