Saturday, March 05, 2011

Universitatea Craiova - Steaua Bucharest 0-1

After a cold cold winter there was not bigger pleasure than stating of a new football season. For us, Universitatea Craiova's fans, this started with a match played in front of 10,000 viewers at -8 Celsius degrees. That was an extreme temperature, even for Romania, in this period of the year.
What to say about the football game? Nothing interesting. Two lazy teams waiting to finish this job. I think is really hard to try running in such a bad weather. The only phase of the game consumed in the first half when Steaua scored and went in Bucharest with 3 necessary points in their pockets. Craiova still waits for victory.
Our team: 21.Lung - 18.Dananae, 4.Zoro, 3.D. Lopes, 11.W. Lopez - 30.Prepelita, 5.Stoica, 8.Ologu ('68 28.Gangioveanu) - 9.M.Costea, 20.Subotic, 10.Fl.Costea


Ben said...

why did spase dilevski leave? where has he gone?!!

Che Guevara said...

Actually I don't know where he is. There were some financial problems between Spase and our club. Dilevski's contract was terminated with the consent of both parties.