Monday, February 14, 2011

Universitatea Craiova - Gloria Bistrita 1-2

A game played in a Saturday. Universitatea Craiova lost the 16th round of Liga I, against Gloria Bistrita this time.

Junior Moraes scored two times for Gloria Bistrita (10th and 42nd minutes of the game) from almost indentical phases: counter attacks on wide spaces left by Universitatea's defenders and no reactions of Stanca.
Universitatea Craiova scored in the 27th minute of the game after a phase worked by Wobay and Mihai Costea. Madalin Ciuca scored for 1-1 but this result could not be maintained by our team until the end of the game.

Our team: 1.Stanca - 6.Ciuca, 7.Gaman, 5.Stoica, 2.Barboianu - 8.Ologu, 13.Dilevski - 77.Wobay (28.Gângioveanu '62), 20.Dina (19.Stoianof '80), 9.M.Costea (10.Fl. Costea '59) - 27.Al. Piturca

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