Monday, October 18, 2010

Napoli-Craiova Brotherhood

After a game played by SSC Napoli against Steaua Bucharest, in Romania, the Italian team find out they have a sister team in this country. Universitatea Craiova has the same colors as Napoli. Craiova is also in south of Romania and their fans are also really crazy.
Universitatea Craiova used to play a lot of games in Europa in the 80's. In 1979, after a match played in Craiova, Universitatea Craiova - Leeds United 2-0, the Italian referee of the game, Gianluca Menegalli, declared: "Here is like in Naples". He was talking about the fans and the atmosphere in the stadium. Cristiano Bergodi and Wlater Zenga, both Italian coaches who used to train Romanian football teams, confirmed this resemblance.
At the game played 2 weeks ago, Steaua Bucharest - SSC Napoli 3-3, there were many Universitatea Craiova's fans who supported the Italian team. This gesture was granted by thanks in Napoli's fans forum. After 3 days, Universitatea Craiova played against Cluj and the ultras of Craiova used to sing and applause Napoli's result against Steaua. That's real friendship!

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