Tuesday, October 05, 2010

FCM Tg. Mures - Universitatea Craiova 1-4

First victory away for Universitatea Craiova in this season. Our team went full of hopes in Transylvania. And this was not for free. They made a spectacular game and came back with 3 more points in the table.
Universitatea Craiova won this game in the middle of the field. Dorel Stoica and Wobay did a really good job in this area. Prepelita and Mihai Costea also worked a lot for these 3 points. Our goals were scored by Gaman ('8), M. Costea ('40-p), Prepelita ('69) and Wobay ('90).
Our team: 1.Stanca - 18.Dănănae, 7.V. Găman ('77 6.Ciuca), 4.Iliev, 2.Bărboianu, 5.Stoica, 77.Wobay, 30.Prepeliţă ('89 13.Dilevski), 23.Gargorov, 9.M. Costea ('69 28.Gangioveanu), 20.Dina

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