Sunday, November 04, 2007

Universitatea Craiova - Dinamo Bucharest 1-1

It is a great rivality between Universitatea Craiova and Dinamo Bucharest. As a matter of fact the people from Craiova doesn't like any team from Bucharest. That is because they are all ex-comunist teams. Dinamo Bucharest is the football team of Ceausescu's political police called "Securitatea".
Universitatea Craiova did a good game against Dinamo Bucharest. Unfortunately a mistake chain of the refere lead to this draw result.
The goal of Universitatea Craiova was scored by Ciprian Tanasa in the 36th minute of the game.

The trainer of Universitatea Craiova said: We deserved to win today. Today Universitatea Craiova lost 2 points.
Our team today was: Bornescu - Dănănae, Mitchell, Stoica, Rose – Prepeliţă (’64 Gârlă), Săceanu, Gărgălie, Velcovici – Tănasă (’75 Wobay), Costea (’59 Baird). Trainer: Nicolo Napoli

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