Friday, November 16, 2007

Oltenia - a holly land

Oltenia is the region where Craiova is. This region contains 5 districts: Olt, Dolj, Vîlcea, Gorj, Mehedinti. It is placed in South-West of Romania and used to be the richest part of Valachia, the ancient name of Romania between XIIth and XIXth Centuries. For this reason the financial center of Valachia was in Craiova, which was called Bania. This word means in ancient Romanian language "the bank" or the place were the money is.
This name was received because in this part of Romania there are long and wealthy fields which are very good for agriculture. In that period Romania was a great producer of grain, corn and food. All the money resulted where gathered in Craiova where the richest men used to live. That is the reason for well known pride of actual Oltenia's people. Even the money were here, the political strings and buttons were pulled and pressed in Bucharest. That is the reason for a traditional hate between Craiova and Bucharest.
In soccer, this rival spirit was conserved. And the reason was the permanent repression of Bucharest's rulers against Universitatea Craiova, the most beloved Romanian football team. In our days, Universitatea Craiova fight against Bucharest, and a victory against Steaua, Dinamo or Rapid Bucharest is very appreciated here. This is Oltenia's spirit. Universitatea Craiova is our religion.

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