Friday, June 29, 2007

"White and Blue" by Freddy Garbaci

This is a beautiful book written by a man who describes his passion for a life. I can reproduce some lines bellow:
You have already been warned. Football and words. It's high time to produce, at our level of understanding, literature inspired from life.

Wall, sofa, five meters of hot floor, TV set, another white wall. This is the frame of disaster, it's my living room. Green colored screen with restless little dwarfs crossing a prideless coma, in hard to look covulsions.
From my family I've known we are honest people and that, in this context, it isn't right to support Steaua or Dinamo because they are teams promoted by communists and represent the voracious repression of the state: militia and army.

It was difficult for a child to understand all of this: if and why the communist order was wrong, if and why army and the militia of the communists were bad, which is the connection between football and uniforms, why you can't support some boys running after a ball in shorts and T-shirt, without a helmet and machine gun.

"And remember one thing, he told me : The only team who want to face them is Craiova. It's the only one who fight against them, the only one who refuses to give them players. If you want to be correct you have to look up to the correct ones, not the thieves. If you want to be correct you have to support Craiova". If this people was for just a moment honest with itself, it would have embarassed at a given time to see it's fame in sport being ensured by two clubs called Steaua and Dinamo, it would have thrown away in the cracked comunist reactor, under a concrete coffin and it would have gathered its strenght to cancel 50 years of lies in order to win dignity to restart from scratch. They would have given back to Europe the "Golden Shoe " and "European Campion Cup" trophies.

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