Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Universitatea Craiova - Rapid Bucharest 0-0

Universitatea Craiova played against Rapid Bucharest in Bucharest. This was something strange because Craiova should be the host team. In the last home game our fans made some troubles and our home stadium was suspended for 2 match days. This was the fist day of exil for Universitatea.

Our team had the following players: Bornescu-Dananae, Ciuca, Mitchell, Rose-Saceanu(Dina '90+1), Stoica ( cpt ) Velcovici-Wobay-Njock, Baird(Garla '70)

Universitatea Craiova did a good game and only a lack of fortune made this game to finish as a draw. The only bad happening was the bad attitude of Ionel Ganea from Rapid Bucharest who kicked in the face Michael Baird on the way to dressing room. This happened in the break time.

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