Sunday, February 25, 2007

FC Arges - Universitatea Craiova 0-0

Yesterday, at -5 Celsius degree, Universitatea Craiova met FC Arges at Pitesti. Our team played well and after 90 minutes the game ended with draw 0-0. The most valuable player of our team was Julius Wobay who made a good game, even he was a little nervous in the start of the game.

Our team had the following composition: Bornescu - Dănănae, Ciucă, Mitchell, Rose - Pârvu (’22 Gârlă), Săceanu, Gărgălie, Dina (’78 Baird) - Wobay (’90 Costea I), NjockLet's remind here the good play made by Madalin Ciuca (at his first game in Liga I) and Mircea Bornescu who closed the goal of Universitatea Craiova. Madalin Ciuca is one of the most important players of Universitatea Craiova but he had the bad luck to suffer an injury in the last day of the past Second League Champinoship. After seven moths he came back with a very nice evolution as a defender for Universitatea Craiova.

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