Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Romanian Football Federation (FRF) takes unbelivable decisions

"Modify of the regulation

Taking into consideration the verbal and phisical violences in this season, the board of FRF aproved some modifications on the system of point according.

The groups of fans which are producing damages on a stadium will be banned for that stadium for 2 years. If a certain football club will be punished there will be no more games on neutral field. All the games will be played on the own field of the home team, but without suporters (if the fans are guilty). If the incidents are produced because of the players, trainers or some officials of a football team, then the club find guilty will be punished subtracting 3 points in the final table of championship.

If a president or an official member of a football club brings an offence to someone, their own club will be punished by subtracting 3 points in the final table of championship.

The fans of all the teams from Liga I will be forbiden to came into stadium with other materials with the exception of those which are containing the logo of the football club. It is forbiden the acces of the fans who are in possesion of other kind of materials (banners, written messages a.s.o.)

These regulations will be apllied from 2 october 2006."

In my oppinion these unbelivable rules are made to obey the fans of the football teams and to make them to forget the football games in such a way the MAFIA from Romanian football to be free to operate their black undercover bussines.

If you are not agree with these rules please send us an encouraging message using this e-mail address: or a complain here: or

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