Sunday, June 04, 2006

Violence Is Not The Answer

Violence without limmits at a footbal game.

In the last day of the second Romanian football league the fans of Universitatea Craiova resisted at a violent atac of the fans of Dinamo Bucharest. 200 fans of Dinamo Bucharest organised a war with knifes, baseball bats and stones against 30 fans of Universitatea Craiova who came to see the game between the second team of Dinamo Bucharest and Universitatea Craiova.

The final bilance of this animalic behaviour of the fans from Bucharest were: 3 supporters of Craiova superficially stabed, one supporter in hospital and many others with superficial hurts.

"I did not think that can happen on a Romanian football field! Pure and simple I can not find any sense in those facts. I would like to be only a nightmare. In this way mybe I will forget someday", said Ovidiu Stanga - the coach of Universitatea Craiova.

"Petre Buduru, the president of Dinamo Bucharest, called me for a transfer at that club. I will not play in the team of red dogs for good. All my life I will remember the things happen in Bucharest last Saturday!", said Mircea Bornescu, goalkeeper of Universitatea Craiova.

As a conclusion: violence bring nothing than other violence.

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