Friday, June 02, 2006

Michael Baird

"I hope I was at the level of the fans expectations"

Michael Baird left Craiova for a holiday in Antalya, Turkey, where he will join his friend Jon McKain, the player of Politehnica Timisoara.

Reporter: Michael, did you have a season at the level of your expectations, or do you think it could be done more?
Michael Baird: If you speak about our team, I don't see what is the better we could do. We arrived in Romanian football first league with three days before the end of the championship, we wonn the most important game (against Petrolul Ploiesti), we riched our goal. Speaking about me, I can say I am satisfied, I'm coming after a year full of competions without a pause and I can feel this. I hope our fans were satisfied with what I did until now.
Rep: You scored less goals than you expected...
M.B.: Yes, it is true, I scored three goals, but I belive I helped Craiova with my work here. Anyhow, I did not missed too much opportunities, I scored in almost all my ocasions I had. I hope I will score more goals in the future. Look at Ryan Griffiths. Now he is in a big shape and everybody is speaking about him, but FC National had patience with him about two years. Until now he rarely arrived in the first 11.
Rep: What are your holiday plans, do you comeback in Australia?
M.B.: No. I get used with Europe and I will stay here. Saturday I will leave Romania for a holiday in Antalya, Turkey. My girlfriend, Angie, Jon McKain and his girlfriend will join me there until June the 17th, when we comeback in Craiova. I'm waiting for this holiday from a long time and I want to use it at maximum.
Rep: How do you think the first league will be?
M.B.: I will be harder for sure. We must improve the team and our play, also. If some players with experience will came at Craiova, we can fight for the first places.
Rep: Romanians or foreigners?
M.B.: Doesn't matter. They must be valuable.
Rep: What news do you have about Josh Mitchell?
M.B.: He is in Australia, he has some days of holiday there and I believe will see eachother in Austria, because he will came straight forward.
Rep: Enjoy your holiday.
M.B.: Thank you! Stay cool, for the next season I will score more goals, I promise.

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