Sunday, July 10, 2011

Copa America

Copa America is a Spanish and Portuguese expression used for America Cup. There are 12 American football teams which are playing for this title every two years.

Between these teams we can always see Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay. Paraguay is the country of the famous Larissa Riquelme.

She became very popular last year at the World Cup 2010. As a mater of fact every South American country has a representative girl in 2011.

For instance, Argentina has Doris Mar, a girl who tried to live in USA but she was deported 2 years ago. Brasil has more than a girl. They have a Rio and samba. And so on...

Even if you don't like soccer, I think you will be very interested concerning Copa America. I don't think someone wants to know the final winner of the tournament. Everyone wants to see the people in the stadium.


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