Saturday, May 21, 2011

Universitatea Craiova - FCM Tg Mures 2-1

First victory for Universitatea Craiova after long, long time. Last victory for Universitatea Craiova was against Unirea Urziceni on 1st of November 2010. This victory was obtained with Victor Piturca on the bench. Since then, Nicolo Napoli was also a trainer of Universitatea Craiova, and he was sacked, too. This new victory had Laurentiu Reghenkampf leading our team. That means, Universitatea Craiova needs 3 trainers to win to football games...

Something about this match: Craiova tried to win and was pretty sure they will. Florin Costea scored his first goal, in the 7th minute of the game, after that serious injury he had. He waited 8 months to come back on the football field. He was goalgetter of Romania in the season 2008-2009. But this is in the past... Football is a game who doesn't care about this. Tg Mures scored for 1-1, but Daniel Subotic scored in the 40th minute of the first half for Craiova, and this was the final goal of this match. Universitatea Craiova - FCM Tg Mures 2-1.

Our team: 21. S.Lung - 18.Dananae, 7.Gugu, 4.Zoro, 3.D. Lopes - 30.Prepelita, 88.J. Nicolae, 5.D. Stoica, 25.Firtulescu (70' 28.Gangioveanu) - 10.F. Costea ('57 19.Stoianof), 20.Subotic (61' 27.V.Bujor)

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