Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Universitatea Craiova - Drobeta Turnu-Severin 7-0

It was a friendly game between a prestigious football team and the last team in the second Romanian football league. Drobeta has no chances to save this year. Probably they will be in the 3rd league next year. Universitatea Craiova has a great history and at least 50 years of presence in First Romanian Football League.

The game was beautiful and was played in front of 20,000 viewers. That's the record of Romanian football for 2009. Our team:   Lung ('46 Merlier), Bărboianu, Găman ('66 Mitchell), Barbu, Buşu, Stoica ('40 Soava), Jackie Ionescu ('46 Badoi), Firţulescu ('71 M. Roman), Wobay ('54 Dina), Fl. Costea ('48 V. Badea), M. Costea ('71 Trica)

The goals were scored by: Fl. Costea ('16), M. Costea ('24), Firtulescu ('47), Wobay ('53), Dina ('60), M. Roman ('75, '81)


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