Sunday, February 22, 2009

FC Caracal - Universitatea Craiova 0-3

Universitatea Craiova made the last test before starting the second part of Liga I. The game was a real success even the opponent was a third league football team.
Our team was: Bornescu(S. Lung-jr 45', Merlier 76') - Dananae, D. Stoica, Mitchell (Gaman 60'), Rose (Barboianu 60') - Prepelita (Ologu 60'), Dilevski (R. Barbu 60'), Soava(Gangioveanu 45') - Wobay (M. Costea 45'), Dina(Tanasa 45'), Fl. Costea (Gogosoiu 60')For our team the scorers were: Wobay (41') and Stoica (45' and 57')-both from penalty kick.

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