Saturday, May 31, 2008

Michael Baird

The fans of Universitatea Craiova made a description for Michael Baird:
"He had adjusting problems when he came here, hence he overcame them he proved he knows to play football. He is very useful for our team. Michael opens spaces for the players from the second line, he is very quick, runs a lot, he makes a good pressing to our opponents. Baird has a good head strike and he feels the goal."
Yet his flaws are: "he is very nervous, sometimes is restles too much and gets too much yellow and red cards. Technically speaking he is not so good, he needs to improve his tactics."
As a conclusion: "Baird is a genuine British striker who makes the law in front of the goal. When he was injured he missed us so much. That is because he works a lot and helps the other strikers of Universitatea Craiova's football team."

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