Sunday, September 30, 2007

Universitatea Craiova - Dacia Mioveni 1-0

Universitatea Craiova won today. This is the first goal scored after 661 minutes by our team. The scorer was Ionut Lutu.

The team: 23.Bornescu - 18.Dănănae, 7.Ciucă, 6.Stoica, 4.Mitchell - 77.Wobay (33.Luţu '51), 33.Ionescu, 29.Gărgălie (8.Săceanu '76), 27.Rose (19.Velcovici '69) - 10.Costea, 11.Tănasă. Trainer: Daniel Mogoşanu.Michael Baird and Mihai Dina were sent at the second team. They will stay there until they will improve their playing. The next game will be this Friday agains Gloria Bistrita.

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