Sunday, July 15, 2007

Standard Liege - Universitatea Craiova 0-2

Universitatea Craiova wonn in Andene a friendly game against Standard Liege. Our goals were scored by Prepeliţă ’15, Stoianof ’78.
Audience: 5.000
Standard: De Vriendt - Camozzato (’65 Dupre), Bonfim, Sarr, Mulemo - Walasiak (’81 Vito), Defour (’70 Toama), Papasarantis (’46 Fellaini), Witsel (’76 Dembele) - Mbokani (’46 De Camargo), Jovanovic (’65 Lukunku).
Trainer: Michel Preud’homme.
Universitatea: Bornescu - Ciucă, Stoica, Mitchell - Dănănae, Gărgălie (’62 Săceanu), Prepeliţă (’75 Gârlă), Rose (’80 Velcovici) - Dina (’40 Wobay), Costea ('69 Stoianof), Baird (’89 Pârvu).
Trainer: Florin Cioroianu.
Yellow cards: Defour / Baird, Mitchell, Gârlă.
Red card: Dănănae ’81.

Demolished in Andenne

Strapping men, these Roumanians Standard broke the teeth, yesterday on the ground of Andenne, a team of Craoiva, in training course in... Latvia, of an excellent level. The inhabitants of Liège ran after the score, in vain... The Standard wiped, yesterday evening with Andenne, its first defeat in its preparation campaign, by undergoing the law of the Romanian team of Universitatea Craiova (0-2). The players inhabitant of Liège had however begun the debates in an ideal way, by sparing of entry two superb occasions. On a flight of Walasiak initially, diverted by Bornescu, consecutive with a handing-over of Mbokani and a center of Marcos, on a resumption of the head of Mbokani then, which was assembled higher than the Romanian defenders on a blow of corner of Papassarantis. In the tread, Prerelita took Dante speed to mislead De Vriendt. A catastrophic scenario...
"Especially vis-a-vis to Roumanians afterwards", Michel Preud'homme will say. "With the Italian teams, the Romanian formations are most difficult to operate when they carry out to the score. Remarkably organized, they do not leave any more and do not take any more the least risk... " In fact, the Standard, in spite of creditable efforts, never found the solution with its problems. Its players showed themselves too awkward in the last gesture, multiplaint the losses of ball. It is only at the end of the part that they arrived to repointer the end of the nose, thanks to Camargo twice, on a center of Villano, then a blow of corner of Toama, before Dante and Marcos do not loupent little the objective. Craiova then carried out 0-2, on a goal registered by Stoianof, of a sending dispatched in the ceiling of the cage of Vriendt. "One tried to make the play, to play forwards, offensively, like always, but we fell on a well oiled team, of a very good level, face to which it was difficult to make jump the bolt", still Michel Preud'homme released. "the result disappoints me, but it is an adversary which I had wished to defy because I knew that the task would be difficult. It is more interesting, because that allows corrections... "

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