Sunday, January 21, 2007

Universitatea Craiova - Minerul Lupeni 1-0

Today Universitatea Craiova debuted in its first football match on 2007. It was a friendly game played at Herculane, a nice place in Romanian mountains, against Minerul Lupeni, a team placed on the front of second Romanian football league.

In the first 45 minutes the team was composed from: Bornescu, Dananae, Ciuca, Mitchell, Velcovici, Stoica, Rose, NJock, Wobay, Garla, Saceanu. In the second half of the game, were used the following players: Banica, Barboianu, Ignat, Tambouras, Curteanu, Argintaru, Piko, Gargalie, Velcovici, Dina, Costea II.

So, only Velcovici played 90 minutes for Craiova. In fact he was the only scorer of this game because of his goal from 83rd minute of the game. Argintaru did a good passing shot and Velcovici made all the supporters of this game happy.

We have some opinions after this game.
Adrian Mititelu (the owner of the club): "It seems Wobay is the player who we were expected and in the following games you will see this."
Stefan Stoica (Universitatea Craiova's trainer): "It was an useful test. We came after 3 very hard trainnig sessions made yesterday and nobody forced to win this game."

Stefan Stoica


Daniel said...

Hello Che, I'm from New Zealand and im just wondering how John Tambouras played for you lads?

We need him back LOL

Che Guevara said...

John Tambouras played the entire second half for Craiova. He replaced Josh Mitchell and did a god job. Our trainer said he needs some time to check the possibilities of Tambouras. The next game will be tomorrow at 11:00 (Bucharest time).