Monday, August 08, 2011

Argentina Canceled Friendly Game

Romania vs Argentina, a game which will never be played. In this summer, Romanian national football team organised a friendly game against Argentina. It was game with a big publicity. A whole year lasted advertising for this game. Two weeks before the game to be played, Argentina canceled it without any reason. Lionel Messi will not be present in Bucharest even Romania built a new stadium for this game. A stadium which costed 240 million Euro.

One of the most well known Argentinian fans, Pamela David, will not come in Romania, also. She was in March 2006 issue of Argentinian Playboy magazine. She made a lot of photo sessions to support Argentina at Wold Cup tournaments or for Copa America. She is also known as a fan of River Plate, a team which relegated in the second division for the first time in its history,this year. You can find out more about Pamela David here.

Universitatea Craiova relegated too. But after economical check the team was disbanded and, practically, no longer exists. This is the worst think a football fan can find out.

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